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Oil Change Near Me – Ennis, TX

Getting your oil changed is one of those things that might not seem like a big deal until it is – and then it is a very big deal. Proper care and maintenance of your vehicle go a long way to keeping your costs down by avoiding much more expensive repairs (or the need for an entirely new vehicle altogether). Pulling up a search engine and typing in “oil change near me” is a fine place to start, but choosing the right place requires a bit more work.

It can be tempting to simply choose the place for an oil change that promises the fastest turnaround time and/or the lowest price for the work. That can be a recipe for disaster; however if you end up with a cheap shop that does not care about the work they do. While an oil change is a pretty routine process and simple enough for a trained professional, if you trust your vehicle to a shop that does not care about proper training or upholding good practices, then you can end up in really bad shape.

Here in Ennis, TX, at Frank Kent CDJR, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service and support possible. Whether you are looking for something simple like a routine oil change or have concerns about a bigger issue with your vehicle, we are here to help. Our certified service center and technicians specialize in working on the vehicles we sell, and we always provide the highest level of service – no matter what you need. Come visit us today at our Frank Kent service center, and we will make sure your vehicle is in the best condition possible, so you stay safe on the road.

New oil being poured into a car's engine, which started with a search for 'oil change near me'.

Cheap and Quick Oil Changes

When looking for the best place to get an oil change near you, it can be tempting to simply go for whatever is cheap and quick. While an oil change is a pretty simple process that should not take an inordinately long time, you also want to be sure you trust your vehicle to the right people. In terms of car service, like so many other things in this world, you get what you pay for. That means the desire to save some money can ultimately cost you a lot more money if you end up with subpar service that lets you down in the long run. Here at Frank Kent CDJR, we do not claim to be the very cheapest or the absolute fastest option in town for an oil change near you – instead, we pride ourselves on being the best. We are here to offer you excellent service at a reasonable price that we get done as quickly as we can, while still being thorough. We understand the importance of your time and value your business as our customer, and that is why we do not rush to get things done faster than they should be. It can be tempting to just pay as little as possible to get an oil change, but mistakes can be disastrous.

What can go Wrong?

The oil in your vehicle’s engine keeps all the moving parts gliding easily against each other, avoiding heat build-up and potential damage. Without clean oil in your vehicle, your engine could damage itself or even self-destruct and require serious repairs or a complete replacement. Either of those options is very expensive, which is why a cheap oil change from a location near you that does not care about you or your vehicle is a bad idea. In fact, we have even heard horror stories about some shops doing such poor work that they do not actually change the oil in the vehicle – they just claim they did. In some cases, a shop will drain the old oil and completely forget to replace it with new oil, creating a situation in which serious damage to a vehicle is all but unavoidable. This is what you end up with if you go to a shop that does not care about its customers and employs the cheapest labor possible. With a certified shop and the best technicians around, you know your vehicle is in good hands that will take care of everything you need.

Choosing the Right Oil

A male customer is at a local car store in Ennis, TX looking at a jug of motor oil.

Choosing the right oil for your vehicle is quite important and something you should consider even before you head out for an oil change at a shop near you. Your owner’s manual will indicate the specific type of oil you should use, but you still have a choice between either conventional or synthetic oil. Conventional oil is crude oil mined from the ground that is then refined extensively to be very viscous and reduce friction. Synthetic oil is purified much further, manipulated at a molecular level, or even produced entirely in a lab to offer much greater performance. If you choose synthetic oil when you get an oil change near you, then your vehicle will perform better, and the oil can actually clean your engine. Synthetic oil is also quite a bit more expensive than conventional oil; however, which is why some people shy away from it. One good option is to choose synthetic oil for your next oil change, then conventional oil the change after that, and simply alternate back and forth each time you get your oil changed. You can also choose a hybrid that is a conventional and synthetic blend, which offers better performance than conventional oil, at a price that is lower than straight synthetic oil.

How Often do You Need New Oil?

The old rules about how often you should get your oil changed no longer apply. Modern vehicles and engines are designed to run cleaner longer, and modern oil – even conventional oil – has been improved upon and refined to be used for longer than before. This means you might not need to head out for an oil change near you as often as you think you do. The best way to know for sure is to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends for how often you should get your oil changed. Ultimately, your manufacturer knows best – after all, they are the ones that made your vehicle and can advise you on how to care for it. As long as your vehicle seems to be running fine, and you do not hear any strange noises or feel anything unusual while driving, you can follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on how often you should get your oil changed. Just be sure to keep track of time and mark it on your calendar – missing an oil change can result in poor performance and potential damage to your vehicle’s engine.

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