Frank Kent History

Frank Kent Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram opened for business in 2007 with a dedication to customer service. That hasn’t changed since we started, which is why we were proud to win the Customer First Award for Excellence in 2018. While we’ve been in a business for just over a decade, Frank Kent Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is proud to be part of a long tradition of automotive excellence.
Our name comes from Frank Kent, the founder of what is today one of the longest-lasting, family-run dealerships here in Texas. Frank Kent brought his family into the car business in 1917 when he started selling GMC trucks in Fort Worth. Two years later he made the move to Lubbock where he opened Kent Buick.
Frank Kent returned to Fort Worth in 1930 after buying out an interest in Webb North Buick, soon renamed Webb Kent Buick. This marked the formal beginnings of what went on to become the Frank Kent Motor Company. Over the years, Frank Kent opened several new stores and branched out to sell cars from Ford, Cadillac, Mercury, and many others trusted brands.
On September 13, 1987, Frank Kent passed away two days before what would have been his 92nd birthday. In spite of his age, he never retired and stayed active in the family business. For his incredible service to the automotive industry and lifelong passion for cars, Frank Kent was inducted in 1989 into the Detroit Automotive Hall of Fame.
Today, Frank Kent Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and the rest of the Frank Kent Motor Company remains in the family with the fourth generation now leading the way. They still stands by the same spirit that Frank Kent brought to the car business and embrace the family motto “Morals, values, and ethics before profit.”