Who’s Got You Covered at Your Ram Dealership?

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Ram Dealership

At any Ram dealership, including Frank Kent CDJR, you will find a highly professional team that is always ready and willing to give you the ideal service to make buying a new vehicle as painless as possible. We know that buying can be stressful and costly, but at this Ram dealership, our team has got you covered.

The Receptionist


A receptionist is like the glue of any team. They are the approachable and always present member that is ready to serve you in any way possible. The receptionists are your personal link to every other member of the team and can offer you any basic information you require about the dealership as a whole.

The Business Development Center Representative


Business Development Center Representatives are becoming increasingly popular as part of the staff among Ram dealerships. Unlike a receptionist, a BDC representative will work with a team of reps in order to sort through any emails or calls that are looking to reach the sales staff. They will answer the frequently asked questions and get you in contact with a person salesperson.

If a dealership has this type of center, then the BDC rep will most likely be your first contact at the dealership. These staff members don’t sell cars, making them fully devoted to addressing your questions and preventing anyone from losing contact with the sales staff. Overall, their goal is to make sure you enter the dealership with as much information as possible to keep things efficient.

The Porter


A porter is an often unrecognized member of the team, but an extremely important one. The porters handle all of the basic cleaning, arrangement in the lot, and retrieval of the vehicles at your Ram dealership. Also, if you’ve purchased online and arranged to have it delivered, yes you can do that, the porter typically joins the manager who handled the internet sale.

The Salesperson


The salesperson is the main attraction of the dealership staff, and you may notice them by their eagerness to greet you and get you test driving the second you walk through the door. Despite stigmas, they also have the goal of helping you leave satisfied so that you both get exactly what you need. After all, they need a sale, and you need a car at a fair value, so it is easy to help each other.

The salesperson will explain the vehicles and options and eventually be the one you are making the final price negotiations with. They are the ones that will be with you every step of the sale in order to make it the best experience possible. Every successful salesperson understands that the best customer is a loyal one, and loyalty starts with satisfaction.

The Assistant Sales Manager


When the time comes to finalize the sale, this is the staff member that will often sit in or even step in to help close the deal. They can’t authorize official price decreases, but they are able to make them happen more easily than your salesperson. They are there to make sure everyone is getting the most reasonable deal and assure a commitment to buy. This is why they are often nicknamed “The Closer.”

The Sales Manager


Behind the curtain is the mysterious sales manager who is the one that more often than not decides exactly how much your Ram dealership is determined to sell their vehicles for. It is kind of like a boss in a video game in which you need to defeat the salesperson and assistant sales manager in order to get them to make an appearance if you need to radically change the price.

The Finance Manager


The financing manager is the one who makes the all-important contracts for your sale or lease. They are there to make sure all the buyer’s finances are explained and relay what the dealership can offer you in financing support. They will also explain warranties and any other such additional services that you can invest in.

The General Manager


This is the final boss on the dealership team. If after talking intensely with all other members of the team, you may get an appearance from the general manager to help you and the team come to agreement. Since they hold almost all the power at the dealership, they will be able to help you with any situation.



Every automotive team is incomplete without a group that is dedicated to serving vehicles. The product is what everyone is there for, so it is essential to have members of the team that are there just to make sure the product is performing at its best. They are often seen as a separate force, but they are at the dealership in order to serve you just like every other member of the team.

Having a large collective team that collaborates often and is ready to serve each and every one of your needs is reassuring without a doubt. Without each member, your favorite Ram dealership could never function. Without a rep, you would feel disconnected, without a porter the cars would be disorganized and in bad condition, and of course, without a salesperson, you would never know what to buy. Every member has its place, and just like the machines they sell if one piece is out of place the whole vehicle fails.

The Customer Experience

The team we have assembled with all of their various skill sets serves one purpose, to make your buying and service experience the best possible.  This team approach ensures that no matter if it is your first time in our dealership or you are a loyal returning customer you will always receive the same world-class attention and service.  We welcome you to visit Frank Kent CDJR and see the difference our friendly, hand-picked team of professionals can make when you purchase your next vehicle.


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